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To curse a withered friendship is to spite the order of nature. All shared moments blossom without our control, yet no path runs parallel for long; We are doomed to walk our journeys alone, to let passion smolder till only embers remain. It is not of any fault to us or them as of why cold ashes become the remnants of fruitful companionship, it is only the inevitability of exploring the sinuous course of fate.

Carry with you the knowledge of these grouped junctures, held in high degree for they may be the only lasting amenities whence our journey closes.   

Maybe the reason your parents nag you about being religious and having faith is because they can’t stand the possibility of being in heaven without their kids.

" What’s the use of a family if it diminishes us as individuals. "

- Martian Manhunter - Justice League
  • Me: So England is planning on making a spaceport in 2018
  • Dude: Spaceport ?
  • Me: It's like an an airport, but for space
  • Dude: Why would they do that ?
  • Me: I guess so they can be the first to find something there
  • Dude: There is nothing in space ! And even if there is, it's too far ! They'll run out of fuel ! It's not like we have a bunch of space gas stations around !

Jules Kmetzko

" It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness; that is life. "

- Jean-Luc Picard - Star Trek: The Next Generation

" I don’t have anything against God. Far from it. But I don’t understand Him. And I don’t trust a lot of the people that go around claiming that they’re working in his best interests. Faeries and vampires and whatnot — those I can fathom. Even demons. Sometimes, even the Fallen. I can understand why they do what they do. But I don’t understand God. I don’t understand how he could see the way people treat one another, and not chalk up the whole human race as a bad idea "

- Jim Butcher

" We tend to cling to images of people from when we knew them best, forgetting that they do change. "

- Hawkgirl - Justice League 

Now this may be a stretch, but I think “Fallen Children” by Paradise Lost is a song about capitalism and profit oriented economies negatively affecting the youth of the future. How the previous generation ruined the potential and dreams of the next generation.

"As creation reaches high, Generations we deny”Mankinds investment in towering skyscrapers, instead of welfare for underprivileged youth.

"Contemplating this resent, Understanding this contempt, Sorry to say it’s easy” - As college students ponder the neglect of financial aid and faced with condescending elders who ask why haven’t you got a job yet ?

"Frail the essence of denial, I return to face this trial, Never again believe me” - In the end we just put up with this broken system of lower class exploitation, silently promising ourselves that we will do it differently or just won’t reproduce to break the cycle.

That’s my interpretation, I’ve read others who say it’s about pollution or God looking at humans disappointed. We’ll never know.

" Sometimes a country’s culture requires that the people be told what to do. Democracy doesn’t work everywhere. "

- Splinter Cell - Novel

VGCT (Video Game Critic Time)

Shovel Knight. I think it’s better than Mega Man 2. Yes I mean it, this game is better than one of the best retro platformers ever made.

I wanted to do a review on it but that’s not what VGCT is for, plus when I checked out the Shovel Knight tag all I found was praise screaming reviews in caps lock.

I love how death is handled in this game, if a player makes a mistake and dies some of the money they collected is released in floating bags at the spot they messed up, it then becomes an optional objective for the player to recover that lost money. Forming a risk-reward element (similar to Demon’s Souls), there were times where I took the extra effort to recover my lost money bags and then there were times where I thought screw it, getting to the next checkpoint is more important than cash for upgrades.

Speaking of checkpoints, there is another risk-reward element used, where the player can destroy the checkpoint in exchange for money, the cool dynamic is that if the player finishes the stage without dying again they have a fair bonus, on the other hand if they do mess up then there is more work to be done after each death to complete the stage.

All of these are examples of optional difficulty, they add a new layer of challenge asking the player switch up they’re strategy and hone their skills. This is something I’d like to see more of, games where the win state is something most players can achieve but to play the game to the fullest there are elements in the level design and game mechanics that encourage players to step out of their comfort zone.

Or in metaphors, every player gets pie however if some players want cream along with their pie then that is there too, you just have to walk back to the kitchen for it.


Happy 100th Birthday, Bill Finger, thanks for giving us THE BATMAN!
  • Dude: These hoes ain't loyal. No they ain't.
  • Me: That's a double negative
  • Dude: So ?
  • Me: You already said what you just meant
  • Dude: Well, I'm putting emphasizing on it !
  • Me: Emphasis ! Your grammar is dreadful !
  • Dude: Man, fuck you
  • Dude: *comes back from road trip*
  • *fire alarm goes off*
  • Dude: Fuck you ! I just got home, I don't care if this shit burns down, I'm staying.